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A few words about the Psychology of Motivation
The aim of the Psychology of Motivation, in accordance to our own evolving nature, is to restore our durable sense of satisfaction, in other words, to feel happier in the long run !
  Thanks to the introspective method, we progressively manage to identify our deeper motives of action. The verbal, behavioral and dream analysis, helps us dissolve schemes that can hold us back, in our natural urge for vitality, harmony and joy. We feel more responsible.  The sense of right or wrong becomes biological, not moralising. Diel's Introspective Method also consists in a work of harmonization of  material, sexual and spiritual pulsions. These three main natural pulsions are all equally important for our essential quest for satisfaction.  Harmonizing all three is what Diel calls working towards our Essential Desire. 
Paul Diel's Psychology of Motivation, encouraged by Albert Einstein and Henri Wallon, aims at giving more accurate, durable, powerful sense of satisfaction, determine as much as possible our essential Elan and Enthusiasm, to change what is changeable, thanks to a work on acceptance.

Some useful extra tools

In addition to the Therapy, one can ease the identification of one's own emotions and blocages thanks to
a Non verbal and grounding work on movement and proprioception
As a complement to the Dielian Method, specifically based on verbalising and working on motives,  I offer separate movement and self confidence sessions based on my dance and theater ressources (Alexander, Feldenkrais, Tanaka..)  to provide you with secure grounding, mind and body release, nervousness canalisation, harmonizing creativity, coherent and healing work on the chains of fascias, peripheric look, global well being.
 "Man is a half-conscious being. His impulse towards improvement and essential satisfaction finds its achievment in the work of harmonization of desires" Paul Diel 
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